Solar Lights Outdoor, 12Pack Solar Garden Lights Outdoor


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ight the Way of Your Home: The garden lights are placed near outdoor path or driveway to provide visibility in dark areas. The garden lights are controlled by a photoelectric sensor attached to the lamp inside. No need to turn on the light by a wall switch, tiny body but emits bright light, they are just waiting on the way of your home that you pass by every day.
Energy-Saving, Safe Guarantee: Solar lamp is operated by batteries charged by solar panel during the day. Being exposed under sunlight under 4-6 hours provides 6-8 hours illumination, no hassle for changing the batteries always. No electronic wires involved, safer than gas lanterns that are burn easily that may extinguish the flame, shatter the bulb, or short circuit the wiring.
Easy to Install: Convenient size 1.9*1.9*14in, easy to set and remove without tools assisted, turn on the switch before installation, for some hard and thick soil, please dig a hole on the ground ahead, than insert the stake into the soil firmly.
Common Used Field: The garden lamps intend to provide security and bright LED lighting at dark, auto on at night, auto off during daytime, perfect for any paths, like the walkway, patio, garden, driveway, lawn, yard landscape or other outdoor spot to light up the night.
Other Policies: Please feel free to let us know when you meet any questions, we will ensure you feel comfortable to buy and use.


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