Vansky Flashlight Black Light 51 LED Blacklight Detector


Brand Vansky
Item Dimensions LxWxH 2.2 x 1.37 x 5.7 inches
Voltage 4.5 Volts

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About this item
Find invisible stains: UV flashlight helps detect food stains and pet urine stains on rugs, carpets, and clothes that are otherwise invisible to the naked Eye. Not work well on cat urine
Versatile use: authenticate currency and official documents like drivers licenses or identify unwanted whitening agent in cosmetics
Perfect for outside use such as finding scorpions and minerals
Durable, high-quality lads: the 51 tenacious UV light LEDs have a lifespan of 15 years
Ultra-compact design: The pocket-size UV flashlight can be carried along to detect stains in your car or illuminate minerals, body art


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